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Instantly Eliminate iTunes Duplicates – You know iTunes duplicates are secretly flourishing in your music library. They take up space and can put a damper on your listening experience. From your songs’ identical twins to the tricky misspelled duplicates in disguise, they are nothing but shorter or shoddier clones of your original songs. You want to weed them out but you dread going after them yourself.

Let TidySongs save you the headache of manually removing iTunes duplicates. Its Find Duplicates function works like the ultimate duplicate song detective. Other applications such as iTunes’ ‘Show Duplicate Songs’ feature will only uncover duplicates with the same title or artist name. And then you still have to weed them out yourself, one by one. But TidySongs tracks down all song duplicates, regardless of their tricky spelling. And it can even automatically eliminate iTunes duplicates because you have better things to do with your time than delete countless duplicate songs.

With its music-savvy skills, TidySongs helps you choose the best-quality version of a song. And if you fear you might accidentally get rid of something you’d rather keep, the simulation mode lets you take TidySongs for a risk-free test drive.

TidySongs is a powerful tool but it is entirely under your control. With TidySongs’ customizable settings it’s virtually impossible to clear away a song by mistake. Choose which version of a song you want to keep: the longer version or the better quality one. TidySongs understands the difference between the unplugged and the album versions of a song, for example. So, tell TidySongs whether you want it to just compare songs based on title and artist name, or if you want it to look at albums as well.

Add iTunes Album Artwork – Music should be seen as well as heard. Few music nostalgics still browse through collections of 12-inch covers in charming record stores. The rest of us resign to gazing at eye-catching digital cover art, music’s visual companion. But if your iTunes album artwork looks like it has gone undercover, take the boring out of your music collection with TidySongs. Good-looking music is only clicks away.

TidySongs finds and downloads high-resolution images for all your songs. Programs such as iTunes only find album artwork if your songs provide the correct title or album name, while other programs require you to manually find and add the cover art. TidySongs eliminates the hassle. It works immediately to revamp your music within minutes.

TidySongs would crush its competition in a spelling bee. So just imagine what its super spelling skills could do for your music. TidySongs makes your songs look good because it fixes all misspelled titles, artist or album names. And it doesn’t stop at that. TidySongs will also fill in any missing song details such as genre and release year.

meditation music pandora TidySongs renames your songs with the correct format so you can stop trying to figure out how many N’s are in ‘Madonna. ‘ And don’t worry about typing anything in either because TidySongs works automatically.

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